Sheldon Selectboard Votes to Support 20-Megawatt Solar Project

Project will generate clean, affordable energy for 5,000 homes, spur economic development and decrease regional carbon emissions

Sheldon Springs, VT – The Town of Sheldon Selectboard has sent a letter to the Vermont Public Service Board expressing their unanimous support for a 20- megawatt solar project proposed by Ranger Solar.

In the letter, Sheldon Selectboard Chair Gregory Stebbins said, “The Town of Sheldon Selectboard has been meeting with the Ranger Solar team to better understand the proposed Sheldon Solar, LLC project located in Sheldon Springs. Ranger Solar’s team is competent, experienced and professional. The Town of Sheldon officially supports the development of the proposed Project, so long as it is designed, constructed and operated in a manner which meets the requirements of the state.”

Stebbins concluded the letter by noting that the project would “provide economic benefits to the Town and State of Vermont.”

The Sheldon project, known as Sheldon Solar, LLC will be located on approximately 100 acres of a private parcel located off of north and south of Highway 105 in Sheldon Springs.

“We are delighted the Sheldon Selectboard supports this project. We share Vermont’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible economic growth and we’re excited to be making this long-term commitment in the community and to the state’s clean energy economy. That’s why we work closely with community leaders to ensure that our projects’ are the very best-sited solar projects in Vermont,” said Adam Cohen, President of Ranger Solar.

Cohen said Ranger’s work with local communities includes quantifying each project’s economic, environmental and energy advantages for the community and the region.

For example, a recent analysis by Synapse Energy Economics, Inc. shows a similar project in Ludlow, Vermont would generate approximately 33,000-megawatt hours (MWh) of clean electricity, enough to power over 5,000 Vermont homes.  The project would also create an estimated 245 job-years, more than $15 million in labor income and add more than $25 million to the state’s GDP over its first 20 years of operation.

Cohen noted each project would generate clean, renewable power at prices far cheaper than existing renewable energy facilities in state, which helps save people money on their power bills. Indeed, the identically sized 20 MW Ludlow project will save Vermont ratepayers an estimated $4.5 million dollars according to the recent Synapse report.

“This project can be an important part of Vermont’s transition to a clean energy economy with power produced at lower, more competitive rates,” Cohen concluded. “The project will produce affordable, long term, stably priced power at costs that are lower than what Vermont utilities are proposing to pay for new renewable power and we are excited and grateful for the support of the local community for our investment”

A copy of the board’s letter to the Public Service Board is attached.

Ranger Solar is a New England based solar energy company. Led by an experienced renewable energy team and veteran environmental specialists, the company is committed to working closely with landowners and communities to bring new investment and clean energy to the region.

Solar provides an unlimited and free source of fuel making it a secure long-term component of our nation’s energy mix. The sun provides a predictable energy supply without the price volatility associated with fossil fuels. In fact solar is Vermont’s most abundant fuel source–that’s why solar is one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the northeast. The New England region has sufficient solar energy available to power more than 4 million American homes. The cost of solar energy has dropped about 76 percent since 2006.